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Polestar is part of 
the Volvo Car Group



The Road to Change

How to bring visitors to the Polestar universe? WINK produced and co-designed the Polestar presentation and the test-drive experiences in line with the brand’s uncompromised design DNA, lending a sound spatial and experiential expression to “clean, clear and straightforward”.


True to their name, Polestar determines its own course. WINK  helped to solidify Polestar’s sustainable, hassle-free, and strikingly beautiful mission: improve the society we live in. In collaboration with our co-drivers at Grey and Comms, WINK proudly rode shotgun and created presentations and test-drive experiences that reflect the brand's minimalist and to-the-point DNA and brand values. Less is more is expressed into purist, aesthetically sound, and striking presentations that evoke a particular sense of excitement and wonder. It proved an effective way of making the impact we can make for a better tomorrow emotionally tangible.


Matthijs Immink



20200806 Wink Polestar MI_10