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Oxfam Novib


Big issues take
centre stage

What better-named place to raise awareness of how climate change can affect our planet and its inhabitants. Lowlands Festival welcomes Oxfam Novib and WINK to create an interactive exhibition that raises awareness and stimulates positive action through curation. Building a place where festival goers can access their inner activist, grasp relevant, valuable knowledge and know-how in a relaxing environment while chilling out and tuning in to bigger issues facing the world stage. 

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Create a space that lets festival folk kick back and engage hearts & minds with key issues the planet faces today. Turn up the volume on initiatives and pro actives being globally supported 
by Oxfam.


We try to implement sustainable thinking in what we do, making an impact and leading the charge for change in an industry concerned with commercial and the temporary. We honor the chance to support the message. So we did what we do best, sell the story, building on human connectivity to facilitate good vibes in a great space, where guests could rest and recover from the night before, reminded by the fact that ACTING NOW is the only option, after all, 
there is no Planet B.


Getting the message across loud 
and proud.


Floris Heuer

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