Senior Account & Project Manager

WINK has both eyes open on the hunt for a hyper-driven, multi-talented Senior Account and Project Manager that can manage relationships and bring experiential projects to life across our varied, interesting roster of international clients.

As Senior Account & Project Manager you’ll keep the WINK magic alive by:

  • Serving as the day to day contact for clients across a range of projects and partnerships.
  • Steering projects to completion in collaboration with our creative teams and partners.
  • Creating exciting new opportunities through developing client relationships.

While we’re looking for out-of-the-box people, there’s a few boxes we need you to tick:

  • 5+ years experience as  Senior Account/Project Manager at a marketing or advertising agency.
  • An organized collaborator, teamplayer and problem solver.
  • International working experience within Europe or abroad.
  • Able to effectively spot opportunities, budget and pitch projects.
  • Able to drive a range interdisciplinary projects to creation with proactive, talented guidance for both our clients and our own teams.
  • Clear and open communicator and negotiator.
  • English feels as second nature and you love to travel.
  • ‘Work hard, play hard’ mentality.

Why work when you could WINK? We offer:

  • A flexible working arrangement. We’re open-minded to openness, so you can work in whichever way that empowers your best self.
  • A culture that makes a difference. All who work at WINK are passionate people who care about making a meaningful mark on each other’s lives.
  • A varied, engaging flow of work. Our projects take us to all sorts of places globally, so you’ll have a constant stream of diverse stuff to work your magic on.

Are you the Senior Account/Project Manager we’re looking for? Send your motivation and CV to Sebastiaan Visser-Paz at sebastiaan@welcometowink.com.

Join the party! Our universe is a colorful collective and feel-good safe-haven for all for value uniqueness. WINK celebrates life in all its diversity and it is part of our mission to uphold and encourage accessibility, sustainability and representation in all ways we meaningfully can. We do this together. No ego. No elbow.

If you don’t hear from us within the first two weeks (or so) of sending your application, it’s ok! We carefully consider every application and sometimes need a bit of extra time. 


Senior Account & Project Manager
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