WINK Variables

As close to rules as WINK gets

This mural you see is an "official collection" of the ever-changing, ever-growing and evergreen variables that live in everything we do. 

We are WINK.
A movement rather than a company or business model, 
our game is to celebrate life, bring rapture, and make the world a better place (for a while). 
To create memorable moments and shareable stories to touch and engage people. 
To always chase goosebumps, always with a WINK.

What makes us WINK?
Any manifesto written in stone would be a denial of the temporary essence of the WINK phenomenon. 
These are our variables, the values we live by.

The aim of the game is to feel real good
WINK's memorable life motto, our highest mission, our true conviction. 
Our pledge to play to which everything and everyone in the WINK world is lovingly measured.
Both shallow and profound, it's an affirmation and catalyst for our wild and wonderful WINK values. 

Grow with the flow
We rise to the occasion, The answer is yes.
We team up. We improvise. We learn by doing. Together there is nothing we cannot do. 

No guts. No glory.
Our ambition is filtered through our intuition. 
Our feelgood ambition is boundless but not blind. 
We trust our gut feeling moving on up in the world. 

We tune in and turn on. 
Dancing with the zeitgeist, there's cultural relevance and authenticity at the core of all that we do. 
We always celebrate diversity, renewal and change. 

We investigate the sixth sense, the sense of wonder:
We open people up to an attractive state of anything can happen, supercharging them with 
unforgettable experiences and lasting expressions. 

No ego. No elbow.
Our work engages and connects like-minded people. 
We evoke, nurture and facilitate the talent of others. 
We are a catalyst for talent. We collaborate. We are connected. We are inclusive. We are transparent. 
We love it when a plan comes together. 

It's a family affair
Guard down and head first, WINK is a safe haven, built on trust. 
Our most important ingredients are our people. 

WINK for the World
Our experience design aims to be a party for the planet. 
We believe our tactile storytelling should inspire and amplify actions for a better, more sustainable future.