Bread and Butter


‘WIR SIND EIN BERLINER’ Bread and Butter

Berlin, January 2014

Bread and Butter re-establishes itself as the main European fair for denim, urban fashion and lifestyle.
WINK, as their long term experience and atmosphere partner, is commissioned to organize the exclusive opening party in the monumental Tempelhof entrance hall.
Berlin-inspired (aber naturlich) we design the beautiful Bärenburger Gate, sustainable assembled from elements earlier used as BBB decor, as shining entrance gate for the party and the fair.
The party is wild and wonderful with a live performance by soulman Cody Chesnutt, and a unique performance by epic disco icon Giorgio Moroder.

As main centerpiece on the fair we hang a huge matrix-mirrorball installation reading B.E.R.L.I.N…

Photos credits: BBB
Video: BBB