van Gogh Museum


Vincents Verjaardag

Amsterdam, March 30, 2018

Konnichiwa! Last Friday marked Vincent van Gogh’s 165th birthday. A very good reason for the Vincent van Gogh Museum to ask WINK to co-curate an awesome b-day party. We invited the cool kids in town to celebrate their birthday together with Vincent. Glitziegal Amanda’s, professional party crasher Mikey Biemans & artist & Dj couple Thomas & Esmay’s festivities took place somewhere hidden in the museum, each inspired by a painting from Vincent van Gogh.

In light of the new van Gogh & Japan exhibition, the whole museum was in Japanese impressionistic overdrive. Hanami, Sakura drinks, Harajuku, lucky cats, colourful lanterns, flashing neon visuals, J-Pop & Blade Runner lights.

Photo credits: Berbe Rinders