First Day Of Spring


The North Face x Pinnacle Project in Berlin

Berlin, September, 2018

By commission of, and in close collaboration with, our friends at First Day of Spring, WINK proudly presents our latest high end job (no pun intended). 
An adventure not for the faint hearted, The North Face proudly presents its Pinnacle Project.

A traveling concept that began located 2100 meters above sea level in between the mighty Dolomite mountains of Italy, creating a dedicated gallery space displaying 8 collectors items worn by some of the great adventurers of our time.

Before moving on to brave and conquer new heights to deliver the highest branded booth design at Bread&&Butter Berlin, dedicated to cementing the synergy between urban fashion and exploration before finally touching down in the great city of Manchester.

Where together with streetwear giant’s JD Sports, TNF took over a multi story car park to create a one off urban outdoor adventure in celebration of the city’s rich musical culture.

With big S/O to team FDOS for making it all possible…

Never stop exploring.

Photo credits: Tobias Faisst