Pepsi Music Machine

Summer Festivals, 2011

Pepsi wants to enforce its link to music, and its young and wild brand character.
Wisely they choose WINK to create an impact-full festival experience for the massive Dutch hardhouse festival season.
We welcome this new cool client in our brand portfolio, and conceive an übercool experience:
The awesome interactive Pepsi Music Machine has landed!
Collaborating with Hardstyle-gods the Noise Controllers we create a 3D massive sample sequencer where you and your mates
can enter and re mix your own version of their hit ‘Gimme Love’.
After which it’s uploaded to the vast increasing Pepsi Music Machine Youtube Channel.
Pepsi Music Machine Youtube Channel
Mission accomplished. We are hardstyle!

Photos: Tijmen Zonnewijle, Qdance
Video made by EyEFORcE Productions –