Oxfam Novib


Oxfam ‘We eat Africa’

Summer Festivals, 2011

Now, more then ever, the aid and development business needs some full frontal visibility, in order to point out the wrongs of this sometimes sick society.
WINK is responsible for giving a voice to the Dutch branch of the OXFAM organization & getting their message across to the young and the restless roaming the Dutch festivals.
This season focusing on the land grabbing phenomena, something that could be seen as the new colonialism – the abuse of third world countries in order to feed the first world’s needs, which literary forces us to ‘EAT AFRICA’ … & we’re not standing for it. In response we designed, created and built both a recycled village & a cool hang out to help support & create awareness for this priority cause.

Photos: Dennis Bouman, Mike Breeuwer