New Dutch Wave, Wink Specials


New Dutch Wave – Counterwave

October, 2018

WINK’s rocking trademission; New Dutch Wave, now also has a Counterwave, introducing a choice selection of creative enterpreneurs from the US, to the Dutch finest in their own habitat. Check out the recap! We had a blast and it shows! Bringing the creative entrepreneurial crème de la crème from the SXSW universe over to submerge in, – and cross pollinate with, the Dutch champions league festivals Amsterdam Dance Event & Dutch Design Week, meanwhile experiencing the happening city of Rotterdam, and deep-diving headfirst into the Brabant region and witnessing the innovative, creative miracle that is Eindhoven. What a program! what a team! Minds were blown, ideas sparked, connections made… a perfect kick to continue the wave back to Austin for SXSW ‘19!!