Kingpins New York

New York, April 2016

The roots of the Amsterdam Denim Days movement, the mother of all Denim fabric shows, has again improved on itself, and WINK is its proud partner on two hemispheres.

This season designing, building and launching our first ever full functioning corporate website for them:, building on the graphic identity we have been developing the last few seasons. In Amsterdam inside the monumental Gashouder the show itself becomes a better and tighter production every season. This year featuring a central BAR area as social lubricator, connecting the guests and participants effortlessly.

From Kingpins Show came a second initiative for an essential simultaneous B2B fair: The ‘WHY’ show, focusing on accessories, innovations and denim branding. WINK co-designed and built the whole (af)fair within three weeks, a great premiere!

Just two weeks later we scored at their new venue in NYC: Basketball City transformed into denim capital.


Photo credits: Team Peter Stigter