Jupiler Raise The Bull

Edit Festival, Parkpop, Wildeburg Festival, Valtifest, 2016

We are very proud to be the strategic experiential partner for Jupiler, spreading their beautiful Belgian beer brand throughout the adventurous minds and thirsty throats of the fun loving Dutch festival goers!

Jupiler has shown its guts by trusting WINK to go all out and allow us to create some of our fattest and finest work! Working made-to-measure, tailoring the project to suit the atmosphere of each separate festival, whilst creating and maintaining a strong look and feel for the beer with “Raise The Bull”.

The “Raise The Bull” project was inspired by Jupiler’s Bull Logo. Together with builders Brandwacht & Meijer we sculpted this interactive champion out of 2 tons of fierce red steel, matt black up-cycled scrap metal and rubber. Crowds on dozen of summer festivals throughout the country grabbed the chance to test their force against the beast and raise him high up in the air – blowing big gusts of smoke and great balls of fire….

Photo credits: Maurice Vinken & Floris Heuer