INVISTA LYCRA® Fiber Moves event

Como, Italy, October 18, 2018

LYCRA® Fiber Moves returns to Como!

INVISTA celebrated their 60th anniversary with the 5th edition of the LYCRA® Fiber Moves event.

This one and only international legwear event returned to its homebase in the Sheraton Lake Como Hotel for the conference. We’ve added the spectaculair 19th-century Villa Erba as the backdrop of the dinner and fashion show this year.

After a great day full of talks the guests were welcomed in the villa, beautifully located on the shore of the lake. Combining the grand interior of the villa with a stealth led catwalk backdrop brought heritage and new technology together.

The fashion show with fashion forward styling and edgy modelcasting excited and inspired the guests.

WINK created a total experience setting with a perfect balance between conference, networking, dinner, fashion and a great afterparty.

Photo credits: Emmanuele Sardella & Filippo Podestà