Hoog Catharijne


Fashion TRYOUTS, Hoog Catharijne

Utrecht, November 2013

The biggest shopping center in the country, Hoog Catharijne, right here in WINK’s hometown, gives room to a very cool retail experiment with their TRYOUTS concept.
WINK is commissioned for the design, programming and production of their ‘Fashion’ month; november.
We collaborate with our fashion darlings at AndBeyond, and divide the month in four weeks/ themes: Wool, Denim, Print and Fashion Monsters,
Designing and curating a 360° experiential exhibit, a wide range of performances, installations, fashion photography, workshops and a unique visual merchandising exhibit, connecting the creme de la creme of Dutch fashion effortlessly to a choice selection the broad fashion confection range of the HC shops.
Meanwhile creating a lot of PR with the guerrilla knitting of a large teapot[don’t ask..] and the Positive Peace Piet Project by Bas Kosters.

Photo credits: Dennis Bouman, Frans Hofmeester, Sabrina Bongiovanni