Douwe Egberts


Douwe Egberts ‘take DE time’

Summer Festivals, 2012

For the first time this festival season we re-invent the cool coffee experience for Douwe Egberts conceived in 2011.
Integrating their new ‘Take DE Time’ campaign, and translating it to fit the right festi-vibe.
Featuring interactive potential poetic wordplay on a giant mug and jug, resembling the exclusive numbered enamel mugs & jugs we hand out at the cool and comfy ‘Koffie Keet’ on the campsite. By entering their own coffee tribute text on Facebook and during the festival, participants can win tickets, your own private toilet, de luxe camping sets, intimate concerts and full breakfast in your own tent…
In the meantime the DE koffiehuis has such a good vibe it’s spontaneously turning into a party at night… we can’t help it.

Photos: Aico Lind, Marleen Kuipers
Video: Urbi et Orbi