Amsterdam, August 10, 2017

WINK transformed the exclusive Amstel hotel into a flashy garden party to celebrate the major success of DJ Khaled’s new album Grateful.

We dipped the hotel pool from head to toe in DJ Khaled style. Picture champagne bottles flying in and over the pool, XL flower installations and box trees styled in animal shapes by live-gardeners. And on top of all, we created the Celebration of Success Painting. WINK re-designed a historic ‘triumph’ painting and replaced King Edward VII by DJ Khaled, that other guy that always wins wins wins.

Thanks, Sony Music Entertainment Netherlands, Hennessy, Luc Belaire, LM Flower Fashion, Ron Simpson for making this happen.

Celebrate Success, the right way!

Photos credits: Dennis Bouwman & Delicia Celik

Painting by today’s Michelangelo: Stefan Ormeling