Eindhoven, September 2010

Diesel Benelux wants to reward their fabulous storestaff for their commitment with a wild party, and meanwhile educate them about the new product and marketing initiatives…
And with their Kick Ass shoes, their Be Stupid brand campaign, their WiRevolt-PostLux collection, a wild party is just the right communication tool…
Andre Amaro’s crazy cross culinary cuisine headquarters ‘het Stroomhuis’ happens to be in the centre of the Diesel Benelux universe, so we found the perfect location with the perfect host and caterer all in one go! Hellyeah!
The stores are invited by means of a funky shoppingbag bum, leaving a shopping cart with funky invitations in every flabbergasted store… The story continues with intruders acting as fresh storestaff being planted secretly in each region two workdays before the event, in order to act as extreme fire-starters on the busses to the event… And the were warmed up on arrival alright, some made it barely to the party…

Photos: Aico Lind