Bread and Butter


The Denim Religion Show

BBBerlin, July 2012

A first! As part of the Berlin Tempel of Denim, WINK conceived a rocking denim fashion show for BBB.
Collaborating with stylist extra ordinaire Maarten Spruyt.
The theme of the show is inspired by it’s surroundings; Religious Icons versus Denim Culture.
The way Spruyt freely mixes items of different brands, creates an unique and united look on denim.
Using visual icons of religions from around the world,  elaborately mixing these elements and combining them with denim in it’s broadest variation.
Several groups focus on aspects of these religions, building up to a finale where all are united and intertwined into one ultimate religion, the religion that is denim. A milestone for BBB and for WINK, goosebumps!

Photos: Peter Stigter
Video: Bread and Butter