Moscow, June 17- July 2, 2017

WINK designs strategic worldwide event-concept for Budweiser

To bring the world together during the World Cup Budweiser asked WINK to create a experimental toolkit for the local markets. We worked together with The Bud global team, Anomaly, Barrows and Venor to create the big idea for the world cup 2018 campaign. During this years Fifa Confederations Cup we tested the experimental concept, on Russia match days and during the grand final, we added the BUD X FWC platform to the Gispy club in Moscow.

Creating the best screening party in town! We brought the BUD X FWC concept to moscow by adding 90 minutes of epic partying before the games. This way you create an environment in which the whole crowd can watch the game in solidarity. During this 90 minutes of jet fueled partying we had two dj teams go back to back to create this high energy moment. During half time we had them come back for some more uplifting energy and after the game the winning team would have their Dj’s play for an epic afterparty.

In the Gipsy we created a club of the world; Bud & burgers, football freestylers, dancers, massage saloon, barber, bar brazil, a sports bar and the biggest screen in Moscow. A place where every football fan feels at home.

Photo credits: Melissa Fox