Bread and Butter


Bread & Butter United

BBBarcelona, January 2009

Expanding their ambitions to a global scale this season BBB is universal; the theme UNITED.
Wink is the decoration & experience partner for the overall look and feel of each hall.

A BBB passport was the entrance document for all guests, Wink made it into a huge curtain in the entrance hall.

Heartcore in the denimhall, with Greys Anatomy properly fucked-up in the windows, a big pulsating heart shape made from bloodbags filled with indigo blue blood, a neon heartbeat, and an intensive care DJ booth.

Sweet and addictive in the Fashion Hall, with huge candy all over, a kaleidoscope DJ booth, and candy fruit machine visuals at the doors.

Retro racing style in the Urban Superior area, inspired by Le Mans: chequered flags, race numbers, slick tires, and a chequered matrix made from black and white jerrycans.

Industrial Sized French Knitting in the Sport & Street Hall, almost 700 metres of ribbed pipe forms a monumental installation in the halls atrium.

The Motherfucker (= the central statue) is transformed into a Superted, as a comment on crazy consumerism, this season the Motherfucker is the primal shaman, the tribal teddy, the outernational superhughero, and the trash & souvenir collector from united nations – he that unites us all.

Photos: Jordi Torras Ferrer and Lucas Brouwer