Bread and Butter


Bread and Butter THE ROCK

Berlin, July 2012

BBB had the vision and ambition to create a new strong denim experience.
And they asked WINK to conceive and produce their denim shrine.
The ‘Berlin Tempel of Denim’ was born!
Three kilometers of denim fringes moving in the wind, big tempel stairs/hang outs with handpainted dazzlepaint,
an eighty meter long design table runs as an axe through the whole Tempel as meat & greet dinner table for the denim lovers
and as catwalk for the Denim Religion-show, a huge cloud of 1000 dip-dyed t-shirts above it…
A monumental Tempel Square garden lounge in front of it, and a huge 20 meter high scaffold ROCK with covered with plants an a real kick ass waterfall as backdrop…
Its name derived the big Berlin Tempelhof sign, ‘the Berlin Tempel of Denim’ was the beating blue heart of the fair.
Yes we Rock!

Photos: Uguro Photography, Wessel Nimmer