Bread and Butter


Bread & Butter Barcelona – New Order

BBBarcelona, July 2008

Summer 2008, meant a new order for BBB, and a new challenge for Wink.

Of course Wink is again responsible for art, experience and decoration in all the areas, but as an extra – based on their Bauhaus inspired artwork – Wink designs and produces a complete park, that reads New Order when viewed from a bird’s eye perspective.

Furthermore we launch the BBB kids club.
In the Denim Base we place two giant rhinos and create a 360° jungle panorama in the windows.

In Fashion we create big inflatable funky drops that change colour, and a funky colourful DJ lounge area.

In Sport & Street, we create a climbing stampede with an army of 60 life size skeletons.

In the Superior area we build a mega jukebox, and play around with the graphic artwork, making 3D mobiles form letters.