55DSL, Bacardi


Bacardi 55DSL Store

Amsterdam, July 2007

Serious Home Party Improvement
Bacardi and 55DSL collaborate on a temporary ‘pop-up’ store in Amsterdam.
Designed to stimulate making mojito’s at home.

Wink is responsible for design – in a collaboration with IDing and Andrea Rosso from 55DSL – and production.
The design of the store is based atround a modular geometrical ‘box’ a branded cardboard building block, used for displays and fixtures.
The Home Party Improvement window display is a stylized adaptation of a wild house party,

The mannequins are having a party at home, using lamps as microphone stands and drinking cocktails. The mannequins and the furniture are all painted glossy white, seemingly on the spot, with the paint dripping on the floor around it, fixating the party in time and space.

The faces are still alive, by using close-up party portraits running as a slideshow on 7 inch led screens grafted into the mannequins…

The shop is openened by Andrea Rosso from 55DSL giving a cocktail workshop.

Photos: RVDA