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Being in the business of ‘experience architecture’, we are on the lookout for an enthusiastic, dedicated, tough, 3D junkie who has a keen eye for interior, spatial architecture, experiential branding, events and environments, product &/or industrial design with fast fingers and passion for sitting behind a large screen and making it work.

What do we stand for:
Wink prides itself in a unique ability to leverage the essence of experiential design.
We think beyond the regular solutions and transform the traditional. Building qualitative concepts that tap into valuable creative connections and executions that add that little extra to everything we do.

Who are you:
You are full of ideas, and have some years of experience in the world of design and its creative platforms.
You understand how to translate a brief and ideas into 3D visualisations that can communicate with brands and builders alike.
You are mega seasoned and capable of handling SketchUp, Photoshop, InDesign, Keynote and know a thing or three about the building process.
You are interested in the fast and fleeting WINK world, designing temporary environments where input is short and sweet, and output is fast and furious.
You have experience, love working in a team situation together with art directors and complimentary designers, can flexibly incorporate conceptual ingredients and are able to guide design confidently from conception right through to execution,
Then you’re our man or woman!

Please contact us at  

Do it!


Our fast and furious PR department is on the look out for tough, fashionable, eager, social media know it all who can help us spread the Wink word worldwide.

It’s the experience of a lifetime, and a headfirst kick start
into the crazy business that we’re in! We deal in goose bumps. We are tactile storytellers. We design and produce real shareable moments. We amplify brand stories through memorable 360°experiences and environments.

Skills: PR/Social Media/Marketing related study, or direct work experience in this field/Fluent English spoken & written / An eye for image editing & visual co ordination / Pro-active / 40 hours – no nine to five mentality.

If you are that passionate, energetic super intern who can start Sep ‘18 – drop us a line! Please contact us at  
We look forward to meeting you.

The Aim of the Game is to Feel Real Good!


The WINK family is growing with flow, and freelance and fulltime Art Directors are needed.

You are…

an experienced seasoned senior event designer, a tactile story-teller, able to translate brands and their stories into memorable, shareable experiences and environments.

able to receive and deconstruct client briefings, translate it into a made-to-measure 360° concept, visualize it, present it, and eventually direct its execution.

an all-round professional and passionate art director, who can develop and translate a brand story into an awesome immersive experience, using varied forms of media to touch all senses, both on- and offline.

a team player as well as a decision maker, who can level with crazy creatives, technical producers, project managers and corporate clients.

You love what we love: lifestyle, zeitgeist, art, festivals, communication, marketing, fashion, architecture, interior design, hospitality, digital, social and rock‘n roll…

You understand what we mean with ‘Experience Architecture’ and ‘Tactile Storytelling’, and why it makes so much sense.
You have more then five years experience, and are fluent in Dutch and English.

If you are all this and more, send us your resume at

The Aim of the Game is to Feel Real Good!
Welcome to the family!